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Last night I dreamt of crepes.  Now when I talk about crepes I don't mean these floppy, white things most people know.  No, I mean the crisp, brown delicacies made by the street vendors of Paris.  

I first encountered street crepes when I was in college in the Spring of 1999.  I spent a semester in Paris, France, and there was a crepe vendor right down the street from where our classes were held.  Almost every day I would order a Nutella and banana crepe, and he made sure to buy a banana specifically for me.  

In my dream I was making the crepes myself.  Somehow I had learned to master the round griddle and the art of flipping those paper thin rounds.  I'm not even going to attempt it until I get myself the right equipment, but that doesn't mean I can't share my dream with you.  

Anyone else a street crepe snob?  



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